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Hot New Products Heavy Duty Hexagonal Gabion Mesh Machine - Chicken wire netting machine – Jiake

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Reverse twisted hexagonal wire mesh machine, also called chicken cage machine, double twisted hexagonal mesh machine, is used to make hexagonal mesh for fences of farmland and grazing land, chicken husbandry, reinforced ribs of building walls and other nets for separation. CNC hexagonal mesh machine adopts Servo motor to feed wire, weaving mesh, taking up rolls. Our chicken cage mesh machine can work last up to 700 square meters per hour.

1.Technical Parameter:

NW hexagonal wire mesh machine

Speed Mesh width Mesh size Wire diameter Number of twists Weight Motor
60-150m/h 1200-3200 mm 12mm 0.38-0.5mm 3 2-2.5T 2.2kw
15mm 0.40-0.70mm
18mm 0.38-0.70mm
20-22mm 0.38-0.80mm
25-27mm 0.50-1.00mm
30-32mm 0.50-1.00mm
40-44mm 0.40-1.30mm
50mm 0.50-1.50mm
75mm 0.50-1.65mm
100mm 0.50-1.80mm

Straight and reverse hexagonal wire netting machine

Speed Mesh width Mesh size Wire diameter Number of twists Weight Motor
60-160m/h 2600-3300 mm 20-22mm 0.52-0.7mm 6 3.5-4.5T 2.2kw
25-27mm 0.50-1.00mm
30-32mm 0.50-1.20mm
40-45mm 0.60-1.40mm
50-55mm 0.60-1.50mm
75-80mm 1.00-1.50mm

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3.Superiorities of chain link fence production line

1.Mitsubishi PLC + Touch screen, easy operation.

2.Servo motor transmission, running fast, shock-resistance, smooth running, low noise, much better than mechanical transmission. 150m/h

3.Inching / Single-step control button.

4.Grid counter + alarm to stop machine (when wire/ mesh broken, or preset numbers into zero).

5.Automatically wind up mesh into rolls.

6.Automatic central lubrication system to reduce machine damages.

7.The machine can weave several mesh rolls at same time for different mesh width.

4.Finished product


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