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Chain Link Fence Machine

Short Description:

Model No.: DP-20-100/DP-25-80


We offer multiple solutions. Include Full automatic chain link fence machine, semi-automatic chain link fencing machine, diamond mesh machine, spiral fence machine, cyclone fence machine, orthorhombic machine, etc. Extensively used for fence in the playground, residence, power station, airport, mining spot, etc.

  • Type: feeds double wires one time/ feeds single wires one time
  • Production capacity: 120 to 180m^2/hour
  • Three types of mesh sides: Twist, Knuckle, Twist & Knuckle
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    Chain link fence used as fences for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence etc.

    1.Technical Parameter:

    Model DP-20-100 DP-25-80
    Production capacity 70-80m^2/hour 120-180m^2/hour
    Wire diameter 2-4mm 2-4mm
    Mesh opening size 25-100mm (Different mesh opening size needs different molds.) 25-100mm(Different mesh opening size needs different molds.)
    Mesh width Max.4m
    Mesh length Max.30m, adjustable.
    Raw material Galvanized wire, PVC Coated wire
    Motor 3.8KW+1.1KW+1.1KW 5.5KW+1.1KW+1.1KW
    Dimension 4.2*2.2*1.7m  6.7*1.4*1.8m
    Weight 1.8T  4.2T

    2.YouTube Video

    3.Superiorities of chain link fence production line

    Touch screen and Mitsubishi PLC control system.

    Delta Servo motor and Planetary gearbox.

    Fully automatic (feeding wire, twist/ knuckle sides, winding up rolls).

    Single mold for double spirals or single mold for single spirals.

    Additional Alarm and Emergency Button for convenient operation.

    Straightening wheels to make sure wire straight and finished fence perfect.

    The mesh opening size can be adjusted by changing molds.

    The machine uses a servo motor to feed wires.

    4.Finished product


    Chain link fence is extensively used for fence in the playground, residence, power station, airport, mining spot, etc.

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