Gabion Mesh Machine

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Model No.: LNML


Gabion mesh machine, also called heavy duty hexagonal wire mesh machine or gabion basket machine, is to produce the hexagonal wire mesh for reinforcement stone box use. The hexagonal wire netting machine is a special braiding machine to fabricate hexagonal meshwork.

Heavy-duty hexagonal meshes are used for landscape protection, construction, farming, petroleum, chemical industry, heating pipes, seawall, hillsides, road, and bridge, etc.

  • Wire diameter: 1.6-3.5mm
  • Mesh size: 60-150mm
  • Mesh Width: 2300-4300mm
  • Speed: 165-255m/h
  • Number of twists: 3 or 5
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    Gabion Mesh Machine

    ● long service live, at least 10 years

    ● Highly production

    Gabion machine, also named gabion box machine, stone cage machine... etc.; is used to produce hexagonal mesh as a stone box, for protecting coastlines, river banks, and slopes from erosion;

    This gabion machine consists of 4 parts: wire spiral machine, wire tension device, main weaving machine, mesh roller;

    Also, we can provide the auxiliary equipment as a complete production line for making gabion boxes, such as mesh cutting machine, border selvage machine, packing machine...etc;

    How to choose a gabion mesh production line?

    For making hexagonal mesh roll only, then just choosing the main gabion machine with the necessary 4 parts is okay;

    For making a stone cage, besides the gabion machine 4 parts, you still need to buy a border selvage machine, bending machine, packing machine;

    Or send an inquiry with your requirements, and we will provide a suitable solution for you.


    Machine Advantages:

    1. PLC+ Touch screen control system, user friendly;



    2. Schneider electrical components;


    3. Special designed device to recycle lubricating oils, easy to maintain machine.


    4. Wheel core with cast steel can well improve the toughness and wear resistance, the same as Italy machine.


    5. Double welding cross beam and 12mm thickness bottom plate, shock-resistance, strong reinforcement.Double-welding-cross-beam 6. Copper bush to decrease wearing out under main machine continuous working.Copper-bush

    Cam made of nodular cast iron to increase wear resistance.


    Our dragging plate made of nodular cast iron is with a lining. So, it is not easy to wear out. Its life is long.


    Machine Video:

    Machine Parameter:


    DP-LNWL 4300

    Wire diameter


    Selvedge wire diameter

    Max. 4.3mm

    Grid size

    60*80/  80*100/  100*120/  120*150 mm

    Note: each set machine only can make single grid size

    Mesh width

    Max. 4300 mm

    Can make several rolls at same time


    22 kw


    60*80mm-- 165 m/ hour

    80*100mm-- 195 m/ hour

    100*120mm-- 225 m/ hour

    120*150mm-- 255m/ hour

    Also can be customized according to your specifications;

    Accessory Equipment:

    Top drawing wire reel pay off stand

    wire spiral machine

    Wire tension device

    mesh roller





    Mesh cutting machine

    Mesh boarder selvedge machine

    Packing machine

    Wire straightening& cutting machine





    Gabion Mesh Application:

    Gabion mesh can used in retaining wall structures, river and canal training, Erosion and scour protection; roadway protection; bridge protection, Hydraulic structures, dams, and culverts, Coastal embankment works, Rockfall and soil erosion protection, Architectural cladding for walls and buildings, Freestanding walls, noise and environmental barriers, Architectural Gabion Applications, Military defences, etc.


    Sales-after service


    We will provide a full set of installation videos about the concertina razor barbed wire making machine



    Provide the layout and electrical diagram of the concertina barbed wire production line


    Provide installation instruction and manual for automatic security razor wire machine


    Answer every question online 24 hours a day and talk to professional engineers


    Technical personnel go abroad to install and debug razor barbed tape machine and train workers

     Equipment maintenance

     Equipment-Maintenance A. Lubrication liquid is added regularly. B. Checking electric cable connection every month.




    Q: What’s your delivery time?

    A: For this gabion machine, normally is 45 working days after receiving your deposit;

    Q: How much labor required for gabion machine?

    A: Two workers.

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