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Animal Cage Welding Machine

Short Description:

Model No.: DP-AW-1200H


The animal cage welding machine is used to welded chicken cage, poultry mesh, layer coop cage, rabbit mesh, birdcage, and animal cage mesh, etc.

The welded mesh machine adopts PLC control system with touch screen input, which makes the operation more intelligent and convenient.

  • Type: Pneumatic Welding / Mechanical Welding
  • Welding speed: Max.130 times/min
  • Line wire feeding: from wire coils
  • Cross wire feeding: cross wire feeder (single or double)
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    We can supply different models of chicken cage welding machine and auxiliary equipments-Cage bending machine, Edge cutter, Door cutter, C ring tool, Electric cutter, Spot welder, Wire straightening & cutting machine, etc.

    1.Technical Parameter:

    Model DP-AW-1200H DP-AW-1500H DP-AW-1600H
    Mesh width Max.1200mm Max.1500mm Max.1600mm
    Wire diameter  2.2-3.5mm
    Longitude wire space  50-300mm/25-300mm
    Cross wire space  Min.20mm or smaller (PLC control)
    Welding speed  Max.130 times/min (H Type)
    Longitude wire feeding  From wire coils
    Cross wire feeding  Pre-straightened & pre-cut
    Power supply needed  Min.100KW
    Working area needed  15*5m
    Welding torch 25pcs 31pcs 32pcs
    Welding transformer 125kva*3pcs 125lva*4pcs 125kva*4pcs
    Weight 2.8T 3.2T 3.4T

    2.YouTube Video

    3.Superiorities of animal cage mesh production line

    1. Easier machine maintenance, less machine problem.

    2. Easier for the workers to learn and operate, no need much skill.

    3. Same welding pressure for each welding point, guarantee welding quality.

    4. The welding speed can be up to max.130 times/min.

    5. For the welding electrode no need to work, only need to disconnect the electromagnetic valve, very easy.

    6. Save power and consumption.

    7. All the pneumatic components we use SMC Japan brand, very good quality, not easily broken. Don’t worry about the maintenance fee.

    4.Finished cage Mesh


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