Roll Mesh Welded Machine

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Model No.: DP-FP-2500BN | DP-FP-3000BN


The mesh welding machine production line is used to make the finished rolled mesh, the wire diameter is 2.5-6mm, and the welding speed is 75 times per minute. Using PLC + touch screen control system, easy to operate.

  • Mesh width: Max. 2500mm
  • Line wire space: 50-300mm (adjustable)
  • Cross wire space: Min. 50mm (adjustable)
  • Finished mesh: Can be rolled mesh and panel mesh, according to your needs.
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    Roll Mesh Welded Machine

    An automatic welded wire mesh machine also called a roll mesh welding machine, is used to weld the wire with 3-6mm. Both the line wires and cross wires are fed automatically. The finished mesh of the machine can be both in roll and in panel.

    Roll Mesh Welded Machine Parameter: 




    Mesh width

    Max. 2500mm

    Max. 3000mm

    Wire thickness



    Line wire space




    Cross wire space



    Line wire feeding

    From coils automatically

    From coils automatically

    Line wire feeding

    Pre-cut, fed with hopper

    Pre-cut, fed with hopper

    Mesh length

    Panel mesh: max. 6m

    Roll mesh: max. 100m

    Panel mesh: max. 6m

    Roll mesh: max. 100m

    Working speed



    Welding electrodes




    Welding transformer








    Roll Mesh Welded Machine Video:

    Roll Mesh Welded Machine Advantages:

    Electrical components:

    Panasonic (Japan) PLC

    Weinview (Taiwan) touch screen

    ABB (Switzerland Sweden) switch

    Schneider (France) low-voltage apparatus

    Schneider (France) air switch

    Delta (Taiwan) power supply

    Delta (Taiwan) inverter

    Panasonic (Japan) servo driver

    Electrical component

    Welding electrodes

    Welding electrodes are made of pure copper, working long life.

    Cross-wire falling is controlled by a step motor and SMC air cylinder, falling stable.

    Cross-wire falling system


    Main motor 5.5kw and level gear connect the main axis directly.

    Cast water-cooling welding transformers, high efficiency.

    water-cooling welding transformers

    Panasonic servo motor

    Panasonic (Japan) servo motor and planetary reducer for pulling mesh, more precise.

    Welded Mesh Application:

    Welded mesh panel or rolls is polular used for concrete reinforcement in roof, floor, road, wall, etc.




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    Provide the layout and electrical diagram of the concertina barbed wire production line


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    Answer every question online 24 hours a day and talk to professional engineers


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     Equipment maintenance

     Equipment-Maintenance  A. Slide part of the machine needs to add oil per week. Main axis needs to add oil per half year.

    B. Clear dust and feculence on the electric control cabinet and machine regularly.

    C. Working environment above40℃,need air force cooling for the hot equipment.


    A:What's the price of the machine?

    Q:It is different with the mesh opening size and mesh width you want.

    A:If the mesh size can be adjusted?

    Q:Yes, the mesh size can be adjusted within the range.

    A:What's the delivery time of the machine?

    Q:About 40 days after receiving your deposit.

    A:What are the payment terms?

    Q:30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment, or L/C, or cash, etc.

    A:How many workers to operate the machine?

    Q:Two or three workers

    A: How long of the guarantee time?

    Q:One year since the machine was installed at the buyer's factory but within 18 months against the B/L date.

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