Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

Short Description:

Model No.: DP-GW-2500B


Reinforcing mesh welding machine, used for making concrete mesh by 5-12mm steel wire; also called BRC mesh welding machine, construction mesh welding machine;

  • Mesh width: Max. 2500 mm
  • Mesh length: Max. 12m
  • Welding speed: Max. 80-100 times/ min
  • Welding system: Mechanical / Pneumatic (as your request)
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    · 3-12mm wire diameter workable;

    · 80-120 times/ min welding speed;

    · Europe design

    DAPU factory is a gold manufacturer of steel mesh welding machines in China, we have more than 30 years of production experience, in order to provide customers with better solutions, we have integrated European welding technology, faster and more efficient welding mesh, and we Famous foreign electronic components are also used to achieve the purpose of fewer failures and long service life of the machine.


    Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine Advantages:

    1. Easier machine maintenance, less machine problem.

    2. Same welding pressure for each welding point, guaranteeing welding quality.

    3. Enough welding power to weld max.12mm rebar.

    4. The welding speed can be up to a max of 80-100 times/min.

    5. Easily adjust the line wire space, For the welding electrode no need to work, only need to disconnect the electromagnetic valve.

    6. Precision pressure reduction valve, ±0.5% error. High flow..

    Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine Parameter:

    Model DP-GW-2500B  Reinforcement mesh drawings
    Wire diameter 4-12mm
    Line wire space 100-300mm
    Cross wire space 50-300mm
    Width of mesh 1200-2500mm
    Length of mesh 1.5-12m
    Welding electrodes 24pcs
    Welding transformer 150kva*12pcs
    Welding speed Max.80-100 times/min
    Line wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
    Cross wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
    Air compressor Less than 3.7m^3/min
    Weight 7.3T
    Machine size 22*3.5*2.3m

    Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine Video:

     Why choose the DAPU reinforcing mesh welding machine?

    DAPU reinforcement mesh panel welder DP-GW-2500B, is jointly developed with the European technical team;

    Line wire feeding part, is automatic feeding car, save time;

    Welding part, we equipped SMC (Japan) customized 90 multi-force air cylinder, Output power increase 20%. Air consumption save 30%. 

    Mesh pulling part equipped Panasonic servo motor, pulling speed is faster and pulling distance is more accurate;

    Mesh falling part we have automatic falling and pulling out device, this is optional device;

    DAPU mesh welded machine, with Europe design and Chinese price;

    Sales-after service


    We will provide a full set of installation videos about the concertina razor barbed wire making machine



    Provide the layout and electrical diagram of the concertina barbed wire production line


    Provide installation instruction and manual for automatic security razor wire machine


    Answer every question online 24 hours a day and talk to professional engineers


    Technical personnel go abroad to install and debug razor barbed tape machine and train workers

     Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine for sales

    Australian customer customized reinforcing mesh welding machine Engineers install and debug the reinforcing mesh welding machine in the customer's factory in Montenegro

    Reinforcing Mesh Application:

    Reinforcement mesh is mainly used in building reinforcement and construction. Reinforcement mesh should have good adhesion with concrete grouting. Therefore, it is not recommended to use oily substances and paint on steel mesh. To prevent corrosion of steel structures, they should be installed completely immersed in concrete. 





    1. Can i produce different reinforcement mesh size by same machine?

    - Easily to make different size by same machine;

    For line wire space, only need to turn off the electromagnetic valve of no need to worked electrodes;

     For cross wire space, just set the size on touch screen (PLC) to adjust mesh pulling space is ok;

    2. How much space required for this production line?

    13*5meter is ok, but still depend on your requirement, we can design for you;

    3. How long it will take for delivery?

    Normally is 30-40 working days after receiving your advance payment;

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