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Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Machine

Short Description:

Model No.: BTO


Razor barbed wire machine, also called Concertina razor barbed wire machine, Razor wire making machine, Razor wire fence machine is used to make razor barbed wire. Concertina razor barbed wire machine including two parts. Punching machine produces razor tape; concertina razor tape profiling/ coiling line is used to coil razor tape on the wire.

Product Detail


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1. The material can be low-carbon steel wire (black wire) and galvanized wire.

2. If the crosswire space is 15cm, one hour can produce about 300-400m roll length.

3. Adopt foreign brand equipment (Schneider electric components, Delta inverter, Famous brand motor & Guomao brand reducer, etc.)

4. Two years of free spare parts.

Razor barbed wire machine can produce different sizes of razor barbed wire. The machine can save you twenty percent of raw materials in production.

The finished razor wire is widely used on security isolation of military facilities, stations, power distribution stations, border prisons, landfills, community protection, schools, factories, farms, etc.

1.Technical Parameter:

Steel tap shape optional

Style Barb length Barb width Barb space Steel tape shape
BTO-12-1 12±1mm 13±1mm 26±1mm  
BTO-12-2 12±1mm 15±1mm 26±1mm  
BTO-18 18±1mm 15±1mm 33±1mm  
BTO-22 22±1mm 15±1mm 34±1mm  
BTO-28 28±1mm 15±1mm 48±1mm  
BTO-30 30±1mm 18±1mm 49±1mm  
BTO-60 60±1mm 32±1mm 96±1mm  
BTO-65 65±1mm 21±1mm 100±1mm  

Punching machine and covering machine

  Punching machine Coiling machine
Speed 220-280m/h×(9-13)strips 800 kgs/ 8hours
Raw material Galvanized steel sheet Galvanized wire
Thickness 0.5±0.05mm 2.5mm
Motor 2.2 kw 1.5kw
Voltage Customized as request Customized as request
Weight 2200kgs 300kgs
Dimension 1100*1000*2000mm 1100*750*1200

2.YouTube Video

3.Superiorities of chain link fence production line

1.Razor barbed wire machine mainly consists of decoiler, punching machine, recoiler, razor wire covering machine, control cabinet etc.

2.Decoiler is used to hold the steel sheets, it can bear max.2T.

3.Punching machine is used to cut steel tapes into different razor shapes by different punching moulds. It is Yangli brand, the best one in China. It is controlled by step motor.

4.Recoiler is used to coil the finished razor wire.

5.Razor wire covering machine is used to cover round wire into the razor, then coil the razor wire. The covering machine will be equipped with inverter instead of speed meter. (Speed meter is very easily broken.)

6.Application: The finished razor wire is widely used on security isolation of military facilities, stations, power distribution stations, border prisons, landfill, community protection, schools, factories, farms etc.

4.Finished product


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