Steel Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

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Double wire working, more efficiency;

60-110m/ min production

Various shape can be made easily from PLC system

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Steel Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

Double wire working, more efficiency;

60-110m/ min production

Various shape can be made easily from PLC system

DAPU rebar stirrup bender is newly hot-selling machinery; used to make different diameter and different shapes of rebar wire, for construction, like concrete slabs, floors, walls...etc;

This machine can produce double wire at the same time, highly output, more efficiency;

Also, we can provide different models of stirrup benders, to match your wire diameter;

We can set more than 100 shapes for your production, which can help you match different order demands;

DAPU will always provide a highly efficient after-sale service team with professional engineers and sales, making you Worry-free after-sales.

Machine Advantage:

pre-straight device, This part consists of 6 pre-adjusting wheels and 6 adjustable pre-adjusting wheels. The steel bars are pre-adjusted here to form the basis for straightening. Traction part:This part consists of 4 traction wheels, whose main function is to provide the feeding and unloading function of the steel bar, and to control the length of the steel bar to achieve the effect of sizing.
 pre-straight-device  traction-wheels
Straightening part:It consists of 7 straightening wheels and 7 adjustable upper wheels, where the steel bars are straightened. Bending part:Bend steel bars into various shapes, and can bend two steel bars at the same time.
 Straightening-part  Bending-part
PLC+ touch screen system, parameter setting and shape choosing easily. Collect rack:Can be rotated to store curved steel bars of different shapes.
 touch-screen-system  collect-rack

Machine Parameter:

Model DP-KT2 DP-KT3
Single wire (mm) Round wire 4-12 mmRibbed wire 4-10 mm Round wire 5-14 mmRibbed wire 5-12 mm
Double wire (mm) 4-8 mm 5-10 mm
Max. Bending angle 180°
Max. Towing speed 60 m/ min 110 m/ min
Max. Bending speed 800°/s 1000°/s
Length accuracy ±1mm
Angle accuracy ±1°
Average power 5kw/ h
Pcs processed ≤2
Total power 15 kw 28 kw
Working temperature (-5°~40°)
Total weight 1350 kg 2200 kg
Main color Gray+ orange (or customized)
Machine size 3280* 1000* 1700 mm 3850* 1200* 2200 mm

Please send inquiry with your specifications, so that we can make solution for you accordingly;

Accessory equipment:

Wire payoff Collect rack

Finished Product:

Steel Rebar Stirrup Bending Machines are often used for bending angle accuracy. This machine is suitable for bending various steel bars for construction. Different types of bending machines are used in the construction industry to bend steel bars. All types of bending machines differ in design and engineering, strength, technology and purpose. In addition to bending steel bars, different machines offer unique features and abilities depending on the tasks they need to perform. It can be used in the construction industry for scaffolding safety hooks, ceiling hooks, concrete, and in the railway industry, including railway clips.


Sales-after service

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We will provide a full set of installation videos about the concertina razor barbed wire making machine


 svav (2)

Provide the layout and electrical diagram of the concertina barbed wire production line

svav (3) 

Provide installation instruction and manual for automatic security razor wire machine

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Answer every question online 24 hours a day and talk to professional engineers

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Technical personnel go abroad to install and debug razor barbed tape machine and train workers


A:Lubrication liquid is added regularly.

B:Checking electric cable connection every month.


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Q: How do i produce different shape of bending wire?

A: You can choose shape from PLC system, easily operation;

Q: How much is wire material coils bearing?

A: Max. 2 T.

Q: How much labor required for this machine?

A: 1 is enough.

If above FAQ did not solve your problem, please contact us directly

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