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Barbed Wire Manufacturing Machine

  • Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Machine

    Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Machine

    Model No.: BTO


    Razor barbed wire machine, also called Concertina razor barbed wire machine, Razor wire making machine, Razor wire fence machine is used to make razor barbed wire. Concertina razor barbed wire machine including two parts. Punching machine produces razor tape; concertina razor tape profiling/ coiling line is used to coil razor tape on the wire.

  • Barbed Wire Making Machine

    Barbed Wire Making Machine

    Model No.: CS-A, CS-B, CS-C


    Jiake Machinery’s high-speed barbed wire machine provides an excellent solution for making Barbed wire.

    Our barbed wire and razor barbed wire machines are easy to operate, can significantly increase production efficiency, and are suitable for the production of a variety of safety wire mesh styles.