BRC mesh production line

BRC mesh is popular in the concrete industry; it has Fabric reinforcing mesh, galvanized welded mesh, gusset welded screen mesh and welded gabion mesh…etc;



As the wire mesh machinery manufacture, we can provide you complete solution according to your requirement;

1. wire process machine;
A. wire drawing machine, and cold rolling steel bar ribbed drawing machine; which can help you produce the ribbed wire; finished 3-6mm round wire or ribbed wire;
B. high speed wire straightening& cutting machine, as the auxiliary equipment for welding machine;


2. wire mesh welding machine

A. BRC welding machine, which suitable for 3-6mm wire, 50-300mm opening size, and 2.5*30meter rolls;
B. 3D fence panel welding machine, 3-6mm wire, 50-300mm wire space, 2.5*3meter panel;
C. concrete mesh welding machine, 3-8mm wire, 100-300mm wire space, 2.5m width; finished in panel or roll according to your needs;
D. reinforcing mesh welding machine, 5-12mm steel bar, 100-300mm wire space, 2.5-6m mesh panel;图片9


3. cooling system, air compressor, wire cables;

Send inquiry with your requirement, we will design solution accordingly;图片3



Post time: Nov-17-2020