BRC mesh welding machine

Reinforcement mesh welding machine is used to make steel rebar mesh, road mesh, building construction mesh etc. With more-than-20years experience on design and manufacture, our BRC mesh welding machine is featured by high capacity, easy operation and precise control



1. Electrical system from international famous brand for precise control and smooth working.
2. Pneumatic electrodes for speed max. 100times/min, and adjustable welding pressure for flat welded panel.
3. line wire feeding car for Pre-straighten and pre-cut wires, working faster and saving labor job.
4. Cross wire pushing hopper with European technology, working faster and continuously.
5. servo motor for mesh pulling working with Taiwan Gear rack, cross wire space more precise.
6.Cast water-cooling welding transformer, efficient cooling method, welding current can be adjusted by PLC.

Automatic steel rebar reinforcing wire mesh welding machines for sales


In order to meet the needs of the market and users, continue to increase investment and continuously extend the industrial chain. Various types of steel wire mesh machines add impetus to the high-quality development of the enterprise

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wire mesh welding machine sales

Post time: Oct-15-2021