How to choose a breeding chicken cage net machine?

We have a machine that is mainly used in the production of breeding industry, which can replace welded wire mesh equipment, and can also be used in the production of chicken cages, rabbit cages, mink cages, chicken cages, fox cages, pet cages and other products.chicken cage welding

Our chicken cage mesh welding machine is my superior product. After continuous improvement, it is now the fifth generation of pneumatic high-speed and high-yield automatic mesh welding machine. The chicken cage mesh welding machine adopts high-quality steel frame structure, which is strong and durable. The latest model of welding machine adopts pneumatic welding, and each welding head is connected by SMC cylinder, which has fast speed and firm welding points. The fastest speed can reach 150 times per minute, and the daily use speed remains at 130 times per minute.

The machine adopts automatic welding technology, automatic rabbit cage net welding machine, adopts power and electronic synchronization technology, sub-control welding and welding time are controlled by digital circuits, with high control accuracy, stable performance, firm solder joints, and no burn marks. The weft wire needs to be straightened and cut by the straightening machine and then put into the blanking mechanism. The chicken cage net welding machine is controlled by a stepping motor. The material is automatically taken from the hopper and the blanking is even and accurate. The warp wire is pulled out of the cyclone and the edges of the mesh are neat , Without trimming. The drawing system is controlled by a servo motor, which not only improves the accuracy of the mesh size, but also ensures the adjustability of the distance between the longitudinal wire and the weft wire. Automatic chicken cage net welding machine Fast welding speed, only two people can complete the operation, simple and easy to learn. The product can be rolled or filmed.chicken cage welding machine

For our new pneumatic cage mesh welding machine, there are many advantages that I haven’t written about. Welcome to contact us for detailed technical details. Although working from home, it does not affect our communication. Looking forward to our future cooperation.wire mesh welding machine sales

Post time: Jan-26-2021