Special designed welded mesh machine project

As is known to all, the welded mesh machine is very popular in India market; the finished mesh/ cage are widely used in building materials, farming and so on;

Our welded mesh machine standard parameter is suitable for 0.65-2.5mm wire, opening size can be 1’’ 2’’ 3’’ 4’’, width is Max. 2.5m;

The most popular parameters in the Indian market are the following:

Item Wire diameter Opening size Mesh width
1 1-2mm 17mm 5ft/ 6 ft
2 1.2-1.6mm 12.5mm 5ft/ 6ft
3 1.4-2mm 15mm 5ft/ 6ft

We have exported one type welded mesh machine for one of client before, 1-2mm wire, 15mm aperture, 5ft width; because of the opening size is too small, for making perfect mesh rolls, we designed machine with ribbed and separate roller device;