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Steel Grating Machine

Short Description:

Model No.: DP-1200G


Steel grating production line included steel grating forge welding machine, electro forged grating welding machine, steel grating cutting machine and twisted square bar drawing machine, use to make steel gratings for the petroleum industry, chemical industry, quay, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defense, construction, etc.

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1.Technical Parameter:

Model DP-1200G DP-1200GS
Flat bar thickness 2-10mm 2.5-6mm
Flat bar depth 19-100mm 25-65mm
Flat bar space 20-60mm 25mm/30mm/40mm
Cross bar range 5*5-8*8mm 5*5-8*8mm
Cross bar space 38-160mm 50-160mm
Grating width Max. 1.2m Max. 1.2m
Grating length Max.8m Max. 6m
Welding speed 8-9seconds/time 30-100m^2/8hours
Welding transformer 250kva*10pcs 250kva*2pcs
Overall size 38*2.5*1.5m 16*2.5*1.5m
Weight 30Tons 3.55Tons


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3.Superiorities of steel grating production line

1.This machine adopts PLC program & touch screen, very easy to operate.

2.ABB diode & Schneider low-voltage apparatus, contactor.

3.The machine adopts servo motor to pull grating mesh, more stable, high precision.

4.The machine adopts air sac device to fix flat bar space. The flat bar space is fixed, flat bar thickness and width can be adjusted within range on one mould.

5.The machine can weld two cross bars one time. The cross bars are fed automatically.

6.The machine adopts advanced medium frequency (1000Hz) technology.

4.Finished steel grating mesh


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