Steel Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

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Stirrup bending machine is mainly suitable for hooks and hoops of cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, hot-rolled tertiary steel bars, cold-rolled smooth round steel bars and hot-rolled round steel bars for construction.
Our stirrup bending machine can process single/double steel bars. The processing graphics can be customized as you want, and the electrical equipment is controlled by electrical cabinet. The equipment is stable and reliable, and easy to operate.

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Advantages for rebar stirrup bending machine

1.The pre-straightening mechanism adopts six sets of straightening wheels, so the straightening effect is better;
2.The traction gearbox structure: four traction wheels are made of high-hardness hard alloy materials, and the service life is longer.
3.The straightening mechanism adopts seven sets of straightening wheels and is perpendicular to the pre-straightening straightening wheels to prevent axial torsional deformation of the steel bar.
4.The bending wheel can be rotated forward and backward quickly and retracted to ensure the bending accuracy of the steel bar.
5.Mechanical cutter, faster cutting speed and more accurate size.
6.The main shaft of the rotary splicer can be rotated 180°through gears, racks, and pneumatic components, which is convenient for splicing and retrieving
7.Edit on the touch screen, which can store hundreds of graphics, easy to operate.

Parameter for strirrup bender

Model ZWG-12B
Wire diameter Single wire, 4-12mm
Double wire, 4-10mm
Max. pulling speed 110M/min
Max. bending speed 1100°/sec
Length tolerance ±1mm
Bending tolerance ±1°
Max. bending angle ±180°
Max. length of the stirrup side (diagonal) 1200mm
Min. length of the stirrup side 80mm
Production 1800pcs/hour
Total power 33kw

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